Maxwell House Original Blend Ground Coffee

Maxwell House Original Blend Ground CoffeeMaxwell House is a name that’s synonymous with fine coffee. It goes back generations and is one of the most widely recognized coffee brands. Many coffee lovers can remember growing up with a canister or bag of this coffee in the house.

There’s a good reason that this coffee has stood the test of time while other brands have faded into obscurity. When you sell premium coffee, people are going to keep buying it and the medium roast is one of the brand’s popular choices.

This brew has a tantalizing aroma when you open the bag that lasts all the way through the brewing process and throughout the time spent drinking it. You’ll notice that the coffee tastes rich on your tongue and it has a bold flavor but it’s not one that overpowers your senses.

It’s rich and dark and tastes like an expensive gourmet coffee even though it isn’t. The coffee uses top quality coffee beans – and in this product, you get the superior Arabica beans, which are known for their excellence – but you get the Robusta beans blended in, which are known for their taste.

This coffee comes in a canister with a lid for easy opening and closing. This allows the user to be able to completely seal the coffee every time. When you can seal a canister properly, it helps hold in that just opened freshness.

It’s a wider top canister, which will allow you to be able to get the grounds out with a scoop easier than with the smaller bags. You get a lot of coffee from this product.

Most coffee drinkers end up being able to make almost 250 cups of coffee. If you use the extra large mugs, then the number of coffee cups you’ll be able to make will be less.

Regardless of the type of coffee maker that you have, you’ll be able to use this coffee in it. From the first sip of the brewed coffee, you’ll pick up on the fact that it’s been roasted to perfection.

You won’t catch even a hint of that burned over-roasting that inferior coffee blends will give you. This coffee is custom roasted and the batches carefully watched so that the flavor is preserved.

There’s a good reason that the slogan for the coffee is “good to the last drop” – because you’ll notice that the taste remains the same from the time you start sipping it until you finish it. If you’re looking for a ground coffee that’s one of those “just right” roasts, then this is the one for you.