Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend Review

Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend ReviewNot every roasted coffee is fit to go into a Keurig cup. Only the best is chosen and you can bet that the best brew is the Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend Single. You get the fine taste of great coffee combined with a cup of coffee that’s ready in seconds.

It’s the perfect duo. No wonder it’s one of the most favorite coffees you can buy. By choosing to buy your favorite coffee in the convenient pods instead of in the larger packages, you waste less coffee because you only make what you’re going to drink.

This breakfast blend is a great way to wake up in the morning. It will get you energized and ready to face the day. But it’s also a good way to enjoy a moment to yourself in the afternoons when you need a few minutes to sit and reflect.

Many coffee lovers enjoy a cup of the breakfast blend in the evening with their favorite treat after dinner. When you see the Green Mountain brand, you automatically know that stands for coffee that rises above the masses of brands available to become one of the top.

Some coffee lovers swear it’s because of the smooth taste while others say it’s due to the quality of coffee beans used in the production of the coffee. These beans are the superior Arabica beans.

One thing is for certain though, you’ll never be disappointed with a cup of this coffee. Each batch of beans is carefully selected and roasted, but the process doesn’t end there.

After the beans are roasted and made into coffee grounds, the product is then taste tested to make sure that the coffee is worthy. This light roast coffee is definitely worthy and you’ll enjoy every drop.

The box comes with 12 of the pods for your use. Once you make the coffee, it has a very vibrant, rich taste with pure notes. It’s a light roast, which is perfect for some coffee lovers.

If you like a very strong, very bitter coffee, then you’re not probably not the best candidate for this one. It’s a full bodied caffeinated brew, but it’s smooth and not as strong as dark roasted coffees are.

The caffeine in this choice is not as high as in some brands. These non-flavored pods can be used in the Keurig brewers – including the 2.0 machine. When you look at the pods, you’ll see a best use by date. This tells you the extent of time that the coffee pod will maintain the freshness as long as it’s properly stored.