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When you want to have a blended coffee, it means that you have a coffee that’s been created from combining other coffees. Some people blend just one additional type of coffee to create a new blend, while others add more than one other kind of coffee to make a blend.

The reason people choose to blend coffee is that it gives them a new flavor. This flavor is often richer than making coffee from just one blend. When you blend coffee, it changes the richness, taste and aroma.

What essentially happens is that you’re creating a customized blend that is suitable to your taste. You can do this at home, but you can also find some coffees that are already pre-blended.

Blending coffees lets companies choose flavors that are out of the ordinary and stand out from all the more plain versions of coffee that you can buy. Some companies become known for these special blends.

The key to blending coffee is to make sure that you end up with a flavor that stands out. If you blend coffee and notice that it doesn’t taste any different, then the coffee beans were too in sync with one another and their flavors melded.

You can create your own home blend of coffee if you have the knowledge. You first need to understand where your coffee beans came from. Different areas where coffee beans are produced have different growing methods.

What tastes the same in one region, won’t taste the same in another. That’s why you can buy two medium roasts and they won’t necessarily taste alike. They’re grown in different areas and roasted using different methods.

If you want to blend your own coffee, you can simply use the trial and error method or you can find blending suggestions. Keep in mind that you don’t want to mix equal parts of the different coffee beans together unless you’re switching between roasts.

So that means if you decide that you want to use a light roast and a dark roast, you would use each at fifty percent to create a new taste. Otherwise, you wouldn’t follow the equal amount formula.

You want them to enhance each other. So you have to pay attention the ratio of each. The rule of thumb is to the blend the beans using a two thirds to one third method of similar roasts.

Don’t be afraid to try plenty of different mixes. Always start with what you know you enjoy drinking, and then ask yourself how you could enjoy it more. Does it need to be less bitter?

Would you like it to taste sweeter? Then you would pick your additional blend that offered those properties. Start easy with blending by mixing two, then add different beans to see what you can create.

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