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Iced Coffee Guide

Iced CoffeeYou can buy cold brewed coffees at a coffee shop or you can make your own at home. One of the more popular cold coffee drinks is iced coffee. This is simply coffee that’s made with ice and flavoring.

The flavors that you can get are whatever coffee flavoring syrups the coffee shop offers or that you can buy for home use. Cold coffee is sometimes used interchangeably with the term iced coffee but they aren’t really the same.

The methods of making the coffees are different and the end result is also not the same. With cold brewed coffee, you get a stronger taste than with iced coffees. This is because the method for making cold coffee uses a slow way of creating it that locks in the flavor.

You can put the coffee grounds that you select in water and you let the grounds seep for however long the recipe calls for. This method causes the grounds’ flavor as well as the caffeine content to be released.

Making cold coffee using the immersion method is the easiest, fastest way to make this type of beverage. This method doesn’t give you that strong, bitter coffee aftertaste like heat brewing can sometimes give you.

You can also use a slow, ice drip method – but you do have to have a machine to be able to make cold coffee this way. If you want to make iced coffee, you want to make sure that it’s stronger than it normally is so that you don’t end up with a weak glass of coffee.

To get it nice and flavorful, you choose the coffee flavor and the roast level that you want. For every pound of coffee, you’ll need about two gallons of water. The less water, the stronger the coffee will be.

You’ll soak the grounds in the water and let them sit for about seven hours. Then strain out the grounds, run the liquid through cheesecloth to catch any floaters and what’s left will be the perfect iced coffee!