Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee Review

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee ReviewIf you’re like many coffee lovers, you enjoy drinking coffee from Starbucks. What you might not enjoy, however are the occasional long lines, the time it takes to get to the coffee shop, the wait and the price you have to pay.

For coffee lovers who want that great taste, but without the inconvenience, there is a better way. Starbucks has come out with an instant coffee called Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee.

The word VIA is Italian and means road. That’s because the coffee is great at home or whenever you’re on the go. Some people believe that instant coffee can’t hold a candle to regular brewed coffee.

The fact is that with certain low quality brands, they’d be right. But not with Starbucks VIA. The company has managed to produce an instant coffee that tastes just like you brewed it in the coffee maker.

Though they have a few different kinds that you can try, and they’re all good, this is their Columbia one. You can buy this in a 50 count package box and each of the coffee packets is 3.3 grams.

These really are go anywhere packets because they’re so convenient. They’re slender packets that can easily fit into the pocket of your shirt or in a purse. The packets contain microground coffee.

When you have microground coffee, it means that the grind is extremely fine. You’ll see this right away when you open a packet. The grounds are so fine that once you put the water in with the grounds, they literally disappear.

If you want to make a cold cup, you can even use cold water and the coffee will still mix. This quick mixing ability is one of the reasons the coffee tastes as good as regular brewed coffee does.

They’re easy to make with the instructions right on the bag. The coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans. So you get rich taste from beans that are known for their aroma and robust taste, yet lack the bitterness that other beans have.

Though the coffee is made using the Arabica beans, there is something that you might notice. Once you tear open the packet, if you sniff the grounds, you’ll see that there really isn’t much of a scent.

But once the coffee is made, that rich aroma kicks in. This Columbia instant coffee has a nutty flavor to it. You get plenty of caffeine with the Starbucks VIA and the content can range from 130mg to 140 mg for each packet used.