Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee Review

Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee ReviewCoffee lovers the world over know that in order to have a beverage that tastes good, you have to start with a quality product. If you want a coffee that’s sure to give you a rich, enjoyable experience, then you need to make sure you buy Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee.

This coffee is organic, so there are no ingredients or products used with it that will give you any unhealthy additives or dangerous sprays like pesticides. The coffee is also certified as GMO free.

When you buy coffee, you want a whole bean – and this is one of the top quality beans that you can get. The reason for this is because the coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans.

Some companies will use these top quality beans and then mix them with lower quality ones to make the product stretch further. But with this Café Don Pablo coffee, you get the pure bean.

Once you brew the coffee, it has a low acidity level – which means it’s not going to taste bitter. Instead, you’ll pick up on soft flavors. The coffee tastes like a gentle mixture of caramel, cocoa, honey and milk chocolate.

The body of the coffee makes it have a deep flavor that, while rich, still has that smooth enjoyment your taste buds will savor. The coffee bean originates from Honduras, where the cherries are harvested at just the right time using the best method for the bean.

The coffee has a compact structure, which is what helps give the flavor the depth that it has. Because the company roasts it carefully, you get that locked in flavor as well as the great tasting, sweet flavor.

Since this is a gourmet coffee, it’s not produced in mass batches. That means that each batch can be watched closely and you end up getting a higher quality coffee.

That’s why this and any other gourmet coffee has a higher price. You get the taste that you pay for with coffee and if you want and expect high quality beans and flavor, then you have to pay a little extra.

The coffee comes in a dark bag to protect it from light breaking down any of the quality. You get this blend in a 2 pound bag. Since it does have such a great, easily addictive taste, you might want to go ahead and order two bags at a time.

Once you try this coffee that’s roasted to perfection, you’ll quickly become a die-hard fan. The well balanced taste while you drink it, coupled with the velvet finish will always leave you wanting another cup. This coffee can be used in espresso machine or in a regular drip coffee maker.